Eyelure False Lashes

I never expected to become so dependent on the use of false lashes but in recent years fake eye lashes have disguised themselves so well it’s hard to tell when someone is actually wearing them. I cut all the lashes I wear to size as it turns out I have quite small eyelids – who knew! If you’re new to wearing falsies then I would totally recommend giving Eyelure lashes a go. They’re comfortable, lightweight and most importantly, they come in a range of styles to suit everyone! I use duo eyelash glue to fix my lashes which is available in all good cosmetic stores.


I hate when something looks fake so I’m always dubious when trying new lashes that look quite dramatic. No. 202 even bear dramatic in their name so I wasn’t sure what to expect when giving these beauties a go. Much to my surprise (and delight) they were perfect for giving me the perfect evening out look. I often wear quite dramatic eye make-up on a daily basis so often my night time make-up routine can look pretty samey, hence why a good pair of lashes is on my must list! For anyone looking to add a little wow to their look then I would most definitely recommend these!

No. 100

My absolute fav lashes – ever! I wear these natural-looking lashes on a daily basis and I couldn’t love them more. I naturally have quite long eyelashes but I’m somewhat lacking in the volume department and that’s where these eyelashes are perfect! They match the length of my natural lashes but add the must-needed volume exactly where I require it. I couldn’t live without these beauties and I’m sure you’ll love the results too!


What are your favourite lashes?

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