Brow Maintenance Tips And Tricks

When I started to realise how important my brows were, my entire view on make up and a beauty regime changed. Looking back on photos of my untamed, caterpillars makes me shiver with embarrassment. Now that I know what I’m doing with my brows, I feel much more confident in my appearance.

I once would go and get my eyebrows plucked, threaded and tweezed without a care in the world and simply choosing the cheapest option. Now, I’m a little more cautious when choosing who tames my brows. Why? Well, they can make or break your look in a split second.

But how do I achieve my bold brows every day? Find out below…

Brow Maintenance Tips And Tricks -

Shape and maintain

First of all you need to decide what shape you would like your brows to be. This is a combination of choosing something that works well with the rest of your face, but also suits your style too. For example, I like quite a bold brow, and because of my dark features I can get away with going darker than others would be able to. I also choose quite an angled shape because it balances out my chubbier face.

Once you have your desired shape in place, the key to good brows is maintaining the shape. This means plucking any stray hairs that may pop up over night and getting them regularly threaded or tweezed professionally too.

Brow Maintenance Tips And Tricks -


Whether you opt for a bold brow or not, outlining your shape will help define the natural line. Choose a colour that is as close to your natural colour as possible and create a line along the brow. You will notice that the part of your brow closest to your nose is always thinner than the rest, this is where you can draw in your desired shape. I opt for an angled line, squaring off the edge to create almost a rectangle.

To outline my brows, I use the Eylure brow pencil in dark brown. What I love about this pencil is the fact that it’s an extremely close match to my natural colour and on the other end it has a brush which you can use to tame any unruly hairs.

Brow Maintenance Tips And Tricks -


Now it’s time to fill in the gaps. Once you have created your outline, take a brow palette, or an eyeshadow in a shade that matches your brow colouring and begin to fill in. Make sure you fill in the direction the hairs go, this will give you the most natural look as possible. I like to shade lighter in the parts towards my nose, just to enhance the natural appearance of my brows, but everyone is different. Cover your entire brow area until you are happy with the result.

Brow Maintenance Tips And Tricks -

I use the Avon brow palette to fill in my brows. It features a primer that you can apply to your brows before the colour, helping to maintain your look all day long. I also use an angled brush to apply the colour, which helps give me the angled look.

Brow Maintenance Tips And Tricks -


Extenuate your brows with some highlight underneath the brow line. You can get special brow highlights, although I tend to use a small amount of white eyeshadow instead.

Brow Maintenance Tips And Tricks -

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Brow Maintenance Tips And Tricks -

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