How To Apply False Lashes

Wearing false lashes is a bit of an art, but once you’ve mastered it you’ll be rocking them every day – and better yet, everyone will be impressed at how great they look too.

The biggest mistake people make when applying false lashes is that they believe they can simply pop them on straight from the packet and away they go – WRONG! Like I said, there’s technique behind this beauty trend, so keep on reading to find out more…

How To Apply False Lashes -

Prep your eyes

Have all of your make up complete on your eyes before adding your lashes (you can always touch up afterwards if you need to). This also includes applying your usual mascara too.

Remove the lashes from the box

Hold the packaging in front of your face with the lashes facing forward. If the left and right lashes aren’t indicated (most are), this is how you’ll be able to tell which side is which. To remove the lashes, always peel them away from the outer edge, never from the inner corner, using tweezers.

How To Apply False Lashes -

Measure the lashes

Rest the strip lashes against your natural eyelashes to see whether they need to be trimmed. The strip should start where the bulk of your natural lashes begin. Remember to not place the strip lashes too close to the inner eye, as this will cause irritation while wearing.

Trim to size

If like me, you’ll need to trim your lashes to the correct size for you. Cut from the strip rather than from the lash side, as this will cut off more than you want to!

Prevent that frustrating pop-up

Sometimes lashes flatten once removed from the packaging, so in order to make them curve against the natural lash line, grab each end of the strip and gently bend towards the middle. Do this a couple of times, just to add some flex back into the strip.

Glue it right

I’ve found that the most important part of wearing falsies is about which glue you choose to apply them with. Ok, so I know you get the little glue pot in most packs of lashes but to be honest, I find them pretty useless. That’s why I invest in a much better adhesive like this DUO glue. I remember seeing it years ago on loads of Pinterest boards but I could never find it here in the UK. Then suddenly Boots answered my prayers and now you can get it in most good pharmacies (I even picked up a packet in Primark a few months back)! You can get this glue in both clear and black, but both dry really well and unnoticeable.

How To Apply False Lashes -

Using tweezers, hold your strip by the lashes, and apply a thin coat of glue along the strip line. Wait 15-30 seconds to allow the glue to go tacky, before applying to your lid. If you’d like to improve the hold, you can also dot a small amount of glue on your lid, where the lashes will be placed.

How To Apply False Lashes -

Apply the lashes

Keeping the lashes held in the tweezers, bring towards the lash line. Place the falsies where the bulk of your natural lashes begin. Look down and press the strip lash against your lash line.

Bond the lashes

By applying your mascara beforehand, this allows you to grab your natural lashes and the falsies together and mould them to each other. Squeeze down on the false lashes onto your natural, to prevent a gap forming between the two lash lines.

Create some uplift

If you’d like to create a little more volume to your lashes, then simply push against the lashes gently at the edge of the inner lash line.

How To Apply False Lashes -

…And voila!

And there you have it – perfect lash application every time!

How To Apply False Lashes -

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How To Apply False Lashes -

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