Up Your Selfie Game

Take a look through your camera roll, and scroll to the last time you took a selfie. I bet there is anywhere between five and 50 of the same picture but with slightly different poses and lighting. But you wouldn’t be alone if that is the case.

Up Your Selfie Game - www.adizzydaisy.com

Perfecting that selfie is top of a lot of our priority lists. But how do the professionals do it? I’ve put together some top tips for you to up your selfie game…

Top tips

Lighting is key | It may sound obvious, but without good lighting, your photo simply won’t look as good as it could. Make the most of natural light by standing in front of a window, or heading outdoors. If natural light is limited, why not invest in a lighting device?

Tilt your head to an angle | This is a simple trick, but one that works wonders for your appearance. It highlights your cheekbones and makes your eyes look bigger.

Go bold | Wear your favourite bold lippy to make your photo really pop. It will instantly draw attention to your photo, taking your selfie to the next level.

Filters and editing | Sometimes the key to a good selfie is what comes after the photo has been taken. Invest in a good editing app or programme to perfect lighting, colour and blemishes. Be sure to not over-edit as this can have the opposite effect unless of course you want to completely change the look of the image like below…

Before                                                        After

Up Your Selfie Game - www.adizzydaisy.com         Up Your Selfie Game - www.adizzydaisy.com

Don’t be afraid to pose | Find a style that works for you because when you feel great, it shows. Strike a pose that makes you feel like a million dollars and it will shine in the photo.

Position your camera right | Want to snap some of that cute outfit you’re wearing too? Why not try positioning your camera above your head to give an artsy feel to your photos, while maintaining a flattering angle.

Have fun | We’ve all spent far too long taking selfies in an attempt to get the ‘perfect’ one. Well, why not stop being so serious and just have a little fun? Chances are if you’re having fun taking the photo, it will show. So stick that tongue out, cross your eyes and be silly.


Take LOT’S of selfies | You probably don’t need any persuasion, but taking lot’s of selfies is a great way of getting one that is just ‘right’.

Tools of the trade

Want your photos to sparkle like a celeb’s? This is the device you need. I can’t believe I’ve never seen one on the market before until now. It was an absolute steal from Aldi, priced at only £4.99. For that extremely reasonable price, you get a light which has three settings, a fish eye lens, two lens caps, a charging cable and a pouch to keep them all in.

Up Your Selfie Game - www.adizzydaisy.com

Both the light and fish eye lens are a clip on design, making them super easy and convenient to use. Simply place the clip over the device, aligning them with the camera. They can both be used on either front-facing or rear-facing cameras, so you can achieve quality photos every time.

Up Your Selfie Game - www.adizzydaisy.com

What are your top tips for taking a great selfie?

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