Knitted Memory Blanket

If I haven’t mentioned before, my family is super talented. Like next level kind of talented. My nannie can do every craft you could name, my mam is a fantastic lace-maker, knitter and sewer and my auntie is an amazing seamstress. No wonder crafting runs through my veins.

Anyway, this is a little post about the super-cute knitted blanket that my nannie made for Archie when he was born. It was a totally unexpected gift and one that will most certainly be treasured forever.

Knitted Memory Blanket -

One of my favourite memories from when I was younger was the time my dad rescued hundreds of baby turtles while on a holiday in Zakynthos. It was late in the night and he was walking back to the hotel room where mam and I were, when he uncovered some recently hatched turtles trying to make their way into the sea. Now for those of you who don’t know, the beach in Zakynthos is renowned for it’s brimming turtle life and so this wasn’t exactly an unexpected discovery for my dad to make.

He tried to wake me up (big mistake – I don’t like to be disturbed when sleeping) by showing me a baby turtle in a bucket and I apparently screamed and went back to sleep. I say apparently, I know I did because my parents got the entire thing on film!

Still to this day it bugs the life out of me that I didn’t realise what was going on and wake up properly. Thank goodness for my dad and his techie side as he filmed the releasing of them so I can watch it back whenever I want to.

I love turtles, mainly because it reminds me of that holiday and how much fun we had. We went on boat trips to get closer to them and it was something so spectacular it’s stuck with me my entire life since. So when my nannie made this beautiful quilt capturing that moment, I was overwhelmed with emotion.

I can’t wait to tell Archie about my memories and adventures as a child, and I’m so excited to make more with him as he grows older.

P.s this was also to show off the amazing talents of my nannie as she made this entire blanket with no pattern to follow!

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