An Outfit From Primark

Ok, so I LOVE grabbing myself a bargain, and of course, Primark is the home of great prices. It’s a bit lethal me going in there to be honest, as I’m guaranteed to walk out with bags full of treats.

Without even realising I picked myself up an entire outfit in there this week, and of course I just had to share with you my mini haul.

Check out these beauties…

Velvet pinny

You may have seen my recent post about my denim pinafore dress, and how much I love it and that’s why as soon as I spotted this blush number (my blush obsession continues), it was of course, coming home with me. I mean, look how pretty it is?

Kind of feel like I’m reliving my youth a little (going through a quarter-life crisis) with this sweet little pinafore, it’s just so cute and girly!

An Outfit From Primark - Velvet pinny, £13

Lace blouse

I confess, yes I did buy the same blouse in blush, and yes, I went back and got it in white too, and yes, I do want it the other colours as well, but I am trying failing to resist. But how perfect is this for wearing underneath the blush pinafore?

I’ve also come to the realisation that it would seem like I largely only own white tops… I promise I own other colours too (see look, I wasn’t lying), but I love the simplicity of white. It goes with everything, totally impractical for a make up lover and messy eater like me however, but I buy anyways because I love it. But yea, I love the little feminine touch with the lace inserts on the shoulder, and the long sleeves make me feel all winter ready.

An Outfit From Primark -

Lace blouse, £8

Fur gilet

I had a gilet similar to this when I was much younger (and thinner) and I loved it, so when I spotted this on one of the mannequins in store, I just had to grab it. It is super cosy, and I mean maximum winter feels are happening in this, I’m just wondering how many times I can get away with wearing it in a week and not get questioning looks?

Available in two colours, beige or grey, it’s definitely a must-have now that the winter months are drawing close. But which one will you choose?

An Outfit From Primark -

Fur gilet, £13

And this is the result! What do you think? I paired my River Island knee high boots with it to make the perfect winter outfit.

An Outfit From Primark -

Have you picked up any bargains in Primark lately? I’d love to see x

An Outfit From Primark -


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