Twinning It: Blue & White Stripes

This will most likely be one of those marmite scenarios – you’re either going to love it or hate it. I absolutely love when I see kids sporting matching outfits to their parents, in fact it makes me a tad emotional! One of my Pinterest boards I started while I was pregnant consists of many pictures of mother’s and daughters in matching outfits and I spent many a night dreaming of all the coordinating outfits I could buy or sew. I thought having a little boy would prevent me from these cute little outfit style posts I dreamed of creating. But I enjoyed being proved wrong.

I have unintentionally found myself twinning it on many occasions with Archie already and so I thought why not turn this into a post? For our first twinning it post we’re both sporting blue and white stripes in the form of dungarees for Archie and an off-the-shoulder top for myself.

Twinning It: Blue & White Stripes -

There’s something very stylish about a little guy in dungarees. I never really understood the big deal about them until I put the first pair on Archie, then I was well and truly converted to the craze. I paired his dungarees with a white vest and white socks – too cute!

Twinning It: Blue & White Stripes -

The weather is glorious at the moment but I’ve been finding it hard to find items in my wardrobe that look good on my new mama body as well as being stylish too. I bought this off-the-shoulder top just before I popped, hoping that I’d be able to get into it once I’d lost some of my baby weight. Today was the first time I’d tried it on and I was pleased that it actually fit!

Twinning It: Blue & White Stripes -

I’m obsessed with the white crochet-style finishes on both the sleeves and the hem – it appeals very much to my crafty side.

Twinning It: Blue & White Stripes -

I’ve paired my outfit today with black jeans, grey sandals and a grey handbag.

Stay tuned for more twinning it posts…

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