Bedtime Yoga For Better Sleep

Yoga is something I’ve watched people share on social media for a long time, but never really thought it was for me. I guess I assumed I wouldn’t be any good at it, before I’d even given it a go. Little did I know that it can be as simple as stretching and laying down.

By carrying out yoga before going to sleep, it helps you drift off into a more relaxed state, therefore leading to a better nights rest.

Here are some easy poses for you to try out yourself…

Bedtime Yoga For Better Sleep -

1 Easy pose | This is an ideal pose for meditation and promoting inner calm. To begin, position yourself comfortably on the bed and cross your shins while stretching your knees as far as is relaxing for you. Straighten up your spine and focus on pressing your shoulders down towards the bed and pop your hands on your knees. Take three long, deep breaths. The key to this position and yoga in general is to focus your mind on your breathing to help you relax.

2 Seated forward bend | This position is designed to soothe and stretch the hamstrings, spine and lower back. Slowly begin to extend your legs out in front of you. Maintain a long torso while reaching your hands forward. Exhale as you continue to stretch towards your feet. Stop when you begin to feel your lower back or hamstrings are in a deep stretch and maintain the position for 5-10 breath counts.

3 Pigeon pose | If you’re suffering from a lot of stress, this position is ideal for you as it improves flexibility and releases any negative tension you may have. Position yourself on your hands and knees and bend one knee, bringing it forward toward your chest. Place your knee on the bed and your hands either side of your leg. Square off your hips and begin to stretch forward, taking it slow and breathing into your stretch.

4 Knees to the chest | By increasing circulation in the head and neck, this pose relieves any remaining tension in your back. If you add a slight rocking side-to-side motion into this position too, then this will improve your core muscles. To begin, roll over onto your back and bring your knees up to your chest. Clasp your arms around your legs while keeping your back flat to the bed. Gently rock side to side and give yourself a lovely bedtime massage.

5 The corpse pose | This is the position that is a favourite ending pose in yoga as it will bring you into a deep, meditative state of rest. Slowly lower your leg flat on the bed and rest your arms and legs out loosely while settling into your breath. Extend your legs through the heels and with palms facing up, place your hands by your side. Close your eyes and continue to breath. You can hold this position for as long as you feel comfortable doing so.

As you end your bedtime yoga routine, deeply exhale and relax. Reflect positively on your life, yourself and the people around you. Now, turn off the lights and snuggle into your warm, cosy bed and enjoy a peaceful nights sleep.

Goodnight x

Bedtime Yoga For Better Sleep -

P.s this is Archie’s version of the Easy Pose I thought you all might enjoy!

Bedtime Yoga For Better Sleep -

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