15 Morning Habits To Adopt Right Now

How many times have you dashed out the house, looked over at the pile of washing, dirty dishes or the unmade bed and said to yourself ‘I’ll deal with that later?’ Well it’s now time to change your morning routine to make coming home even better because then you know you can just sit down and relax instead of having to tidy up.

The bedroom

Make the bed | You’ll instantly feel a sense of order once your bed has been made. By doing this on a morning, it makes it a more inviting place when you get home.

Put away the laundry | Place your dirty laundry in the washing basket, and put away any clean clothes. It creates more space and takes away any stress in your evenings.

Lay out your lazy’s | Love changing into comfy clothes when you get in? Well, why not have them waiting for you straight away by laying them out before you leave the house? You’ll thank past you.

15 Morning Habits To Adopt Right Now - www.adizzydaisy.com

The kitchen

Tidy the countertops | Sprucing up your counters will make you feel like you’ve just stepped into a show home.

Load the dishwasher | Or the sink. Basically just tidy away all of the dirty dishes by either loading the dishwasher up and setting it off while you’re out. Or washing them up in the sink ready for when you get home.

Group tonight’s dinner ingredients together | Keep your evening stress-free by gathering together all of the ingredients you need for your dinner. It will mean you don’t have to worry about what you’re having and you can just look forward to dinner instead.

The living room

Plump the pillows | When you get in you’ll want to unwind by chilling on the sofa, so make sure you create a space you’d be happy to relax in. Sort out the cushions and make an environment you’re proud of.

Open the curtains | By letting light into your home you’ll feel instantly refreshed. There’s something so satisfying about natural light as opposed to bulbs.

Declutter the coffee table | Take the dirty mugs and glasses and wash them up. Tidy the magazines and books up, put the remotes in a handy place and clear the table ready for the evening.

15 Morning Habits To Adopt Right Now - www.adizzydaisy.com

The bathroom

Replace the towels | Replace any used towels with fresh, new ones ready for your next wash. You’ll be thankful when you want a nice relaxing bath in the evening.

Tidy up your toiletries | Improve the appearance of your bathroom in no time by decluttering the surfaces.

Open a window | If you’re fortunate enough to have a window in your bathroom, then opening a window can work wonders. Even 10 minutes of fresh air will clear any smell of damp, creating an inviting aroma.

The hallway

Add fragrance | Whether it’s a reed diffuser or a plug-in air freshener, by adding one in your hallway an inviting fragrance will await you when you come home.

Hang coats and tidy shoes | It’s so easy for your hallway to become cluttered, but by tidying away your shoes and hanging up the coats to create more space.

Add flowers | Greet yourself with some flowers by placing a vase in your entrance way. You’ll love walking in to some fresh blooms.

15 Morning Habits To Adopt Right Now - www.adizzydaisy.com

What do you like to make sure you do on a morning to make coming home more relaxing?

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