A Love/Hate Relationship With Social Media

Social media… the thing we probably can’t go a day without. I tried it, and to be honest it was tough going at first, but my goodness did I feel amazing after it. It was so refreshing to not hate myself for a few days. Not see everyone posting things that you know are clearly cries for attention or circumstances played up for the camera. It was so nice to just sit back and relax and enjoy quality time with my boy. I still used my phone for messaging and of course taking photos, but not constantly checking Facebook and Instagram was actually pretty nice. Don’t get me wrong, I love it for so many wonderful reasons, but it definitely has a lot to answer for.

A Love/Hate Relationship With Social Media - www.adizzydaisy.com

So why do I battle with this love/hate relationship? Here’s my story…

HATE | It’s such a strong word, but sometimes social media makes me hate myself, and so for that reason alone, a strong word is needed. It messes with my mind, makes me question my parenting, the way I look and how I live my life. It makes me stand in front of the mirror and loathe the person staring back. How is that ok? Why are we allowing something to control our lives in this way?

I get we see everyone’s perfect. Heck, I’m guilty of that too. But that doesn’t make it any easier. You tell yourself it’s not all peaches and cream as you scroll through people’s flawless little squares that have gained hundreds of likes. But sometimes it’s hard to believe what you’re telling yourself.

Instead you think ‘they’re prettier than you,’ ‘you should look like that,’ ‘they’re more popular than you are,’ the list really is endless.

After spending time away from social media it made me realise how much it contributes to my anxiety. I always knew it was a bit of a problem but it’s now clear that it is possibly the biggest contributing factor to how low I have been feeling lately and that’s really upsetting.

LOVE | And yet on the other hand this wonderful world of connecting with people from all walks of life is amazing. It’s crazy to think how far we’ve come with technology even in my lifetime. Social media allows me to stay connected with my friend on the other side of the world, my parents and best friend who live the other side of the country and my friends I don’t get to see every day.

Without social media I wouldn’t be able to promote my blog and to be honest even my 9-5 would be pretty difficult.

There’s so many reasons why I love this crazy little world trapped inside my phone but it’s far from perfect. I think all of our lives revolve around staring at screens too much and it’s upsetting that we sometimes forget to talk to our loved ones in person as opposed to sending snapchats, tagging them in funny pictures or chatting them over social media.

Maybe we all need to take some time out. Choose a day not to look at our phones and enjoy the company around us. Read a book instead of a status. Watch the world go by instead of scrolling through videos.


Could you spend some time away from social media?

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