Because Life Is Too Short


As I battle through my anxiety, I’ve also been thinking a lot lately about how life is just too short. In a moment the world around you, your comforts can all change and it’s quite a scary realisation, but an empowering one all the same.

I’ve realised that I’ve spent the majority of my 23 years of life on this planet worrying. Worrying about everything from work, to love, to putting the bins out on time. But why do I constantly put myself through the stress that worrying brings? There’s no point in worrying about the ‘what if’s’ and the ‘maybes’ and instead you need to focus on the now. The important things.

Because Life Is Too Short -

The road to a productive life

By realising my weakness, I believe I can now work towards a happier and more productive life. One that makes me feel truly blessed to be alive. If the last few months of my life have taught me anything, it’s that your world can be turned upside down in an instant and unfortunately there’s no way of truly controlling that, so it’s best to simply embrace it.

I’m tired of something small being the cause of a bad day. One wrong word said or a annoying action taken and that’s my day written off. But it’s time I stopped allowing this to happen. Instead I intend to brush it off, move on, laugh about it if that’s possible and refrain from any worrying.

Because Life Is Too Short -

Take a step back

Sometimes it’s about taking a step back and realising how far you’ve come, and noticing the journey that’s in front of you. Whatever small bump in the road you’re going over right now, won’t ruin the rest of the track in front of you, so stay positive.

I’m far too guilty of not realising the milestones I have achieved, instead only seeing the negatives or the struggles I’m going through at the moment.

Deep breaths

Try not to let the feelings you’re experiencing right now, affect your life forever. Take a deep breath and realise that there are far worse situations than the one you’re in right now. That’s how I’m trying to view life at the moment. I’ve realised that the only thing that truly matters is that my family and friends are healthy and happy, I can afford to put food on the table for my family and a roof over our heads.

Having perspective will help you realise that there are so many reasons to be happy. Stressing or moaning will not bring you joy. Think deeply whether the worries you have are truly worth the pain, and if not, then move on. And most importantly, remember to smile.

Because Life Is Too Short -

In the end, life is what you make of it. It’s far too short to not make the most of every moment, so enjoy living to its full potential.

Because Life Is Too Short -

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