Bringing Hygge Into Your Life

If you’ve not heard of hygge, then where have you been? Hygge (pronounced like nougat), is the Danish term for living a cosy, relaxing and happy life. The word originates from a Norwegian word meaning wellbeing and also the word hug – perfect for you mindfulness enthusiasts.

It’s easy to feel a little glum as the winter nights draw close, but it’s time to embrace the shorter days, colder weather and darker nights and introduce your world to hygee.

So just how can you bring hygge into your life and home? Here’s how…

Light some candles

Hygge is all about creating cosy lighting, which of course means the more candles the better. I hate having bright lights on in the house, as I much prefer the warmth of a dimmed lamp or a candle. I was practising hygge before I even knew it!

Bringing Hygge Into Your Life -

Tea and a chat

Fancy a chat with your bestie with a mug of your favourite beverage? Invite them over for a cosy night in, where you can watch some films, eat good food and laugh until your hearts content.

Grab some reading material

Your favourite magazine, a good book or even a newspaper, whatever you enjoy reading, make sure it’s to hand.

Bringing Hygge Into Your Life -

Eat good food

`Definitely one of my favourite hygge practises… because, well who doesn’t love to eat? Why not get extra cosy and do a spot of baking yourself? Or treat yourself to your favourite tasty treat?

Snuggle up

Do we need any convincing to put cosy socks on and cuddle up with a wooly blanket? I think not. And well, if you want to add hygge into your life, then it’s a must.

Bringing Hygge Into Your Life -

Spend time away from technology

We could all do with spending a little less time glued to our phones, and a bit more time concentrating on the things that matter. Try bringing your family together (minus technology) for some fun and laughter.

Find Your Scent

Fill your home with wonderful scents that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I love nothing more than the smell of my mam’s baking so I picked up this gingerbread scented candle to remind me of her.

Bringing Hygge Into Your Life -


What ways do you like to bring hygge into your life?

Bringing Hygge Into Your Life -

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