Finding My Happily Ever After

When I think of true love, I look at the beautiful friendship my parents have. They are truly the definition of a couple in love. Best friends and lovers, they’ve shared every special life moment together, hand in hand.

This post comes as they celebrate their 26th year as husband and wife. Who’d have thought that even after all this time, they’re happier than ever? Well, they do have me as a daughter!

Finding My Happily Ever After -

I have never seen two people more in love than these two wonderful human beings. After all this time, they still manage to laugh with each other and love one another a little more each and every day.

The same love has kept me stronger than I ever thought possible over the years and shown me that the fairytales I have watched really do exist in reality, even when I thought they didn’t. They’ve taught me what it is to respect someone, love someone and cherish each and every moment with someone, and for that, I’m forever grateful to them.

They may not believe they live the most perfect life, but to me, they do. They’ve shown me what it’s like to love and most importantly be loved in return.

Fairy tales do come true

I was young, and very stupid (so it turns out). I thought I knew everything especially what I wanted. Oh how I was wrong. In reality I didn’t have a clue. Why? Because I hadn’t even found myself yet, so how could I have found true love?

As corny as it sounds, I really did need to discover myself, the ‘real’ me, the me that had been trying to escape the ‘safe’ me for years, before being able to truly find the man of my dreams. When I was finally able to let go of my cares and concentrate on me, well that’s when true love fell from the sky and hit me hard.

The timing was crazy, it wasn’t when I expected it to happen, but nevertheless it did, and would I change it? Hell no!

The man I met made me feel like the princess I’d always dreamed of becoming. He loved my little quirks and encouraged me to follow my dreams. We would talk for hours discussing our future together and it truly felt like I’d known this guy sat in front of me my entire life. I’d not smiled and laughed like this in such a long time that I thought I’d almost lost the ability to do so.

Within a few months, we were living together and a baby was on the way – talk about moving quickly. But everything just felt right. I knew this is what we both wanted and we were happy together.

My happily ever after

Now, nearly two years on, we’re happier than ever. The man of my dreams has become a better father to our little boy than I could have ever imagined, and our love for one another grows each day.

I am so pleased I listened to my heart and waited for true love to come along. That I waited for the love like my mam and dad’s.

I may have had a child before marriage and I might very well have more. I may never be someone’s wife but what I have right now is my perfect. My happily ever after.

Happy anniversary to my two best friends x

Finding My Happily Ever After -


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