Maintaining A Long-Distance Friendship

*Cue soppy post about how much I love my best friend*

Any form of long-distance relationship is tough. It requires more effort, more love and a lot more give and take. Whether romantic or friendship it’s hard work, but ever more rewarding.

Laura and I met on the very first day of university and from that moment I can’t recall a day she wasn’t in my life. You know when you just meet someone and they’re you just in a different body. Well that’s how I feel with her. We’d spend hours chatting about our life and our goals and the more we would reveal about ourselves, revealed more about how alike we really were.

Maintaining A Long-Distance Friendship -

They say the friends you make at uni are the friends you will have for a lifetime, and I honestly thought this was a load of rubbish before I began my course. But now I can certainly see why. We’ve been through all of the stresses of uni, stood right beside each other at graduation, watched each other get our first ‘big girl’ jobs and now she is godmother to my beautiful little boy. It’s certainly been a crazy five years.

Maintaining A Long-Distance Friendship -

The hardest part about being so far away from each other is those moments where you just need a hug. The times where you need the physical comfort of going for a coffee and a chat rather than just a text or snapchat. I miss the spontaneous shopping trips and the many dinner dates we would go on, the iced lattes and sitting around waiting for lectures.

So how do we maintain our friendship? We talk every day. Even if it’s just a quick snapchat or a ‘I’m thinking of you’ text. We keep each other informed on every life event. Major or not. We’re there for each other, whatever the circumstance and we always make an effort to see or speak.

Maintaining A Long-Distance Friendship -

The truth is, being away from home is extremely lonely, and it’s times like this where you need a friend. But sometimes it doesn’t feel like we’re 300 miles away from each other. I know I could pick up the phone, send a text, take a snapchat and she’d be there. And when we do meet up, even though it will have been months since we last saw each other, it feels like we’ve never been apart.

Maintaining A Long-Distance Friendship -


1 | Keep up-to-date with each other’s daily goings on, no matter how small.

2 | Send random photos to each other that will brighten the other’s day.

3 | Plan visits to spend quality time together.

4 | Make sure you’re never too busy to send a text – even if it’s just a hello.

5 | Act like there’s no distance between you by making an effort with each other.

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