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So my life may seem like it’s all perfect smiles now that I’m a new mam, but in reality what you see on my grid isn’t always what my days look like. Don’t get me wrong, I do have the most beautiful little boy and I get to go on some pretty amazing adventures, but there’s still a huge pile of washing to do, food to cook and a house to clean, and did I mention the poonamis I have to deal with?

The Girl Behind The Grid -

As an Instagram fanatic, it’s easy to let it take over your life, and as much as I love it, it sometimes becomes a little detached from my reality. Much of my life is as you see, pretty flowers, lots of pink, make up and Archie, but of course you do see all of the good bits.

So you want to know a bit more about me? I can’t say I’m all that interesting but if you fancy knowing some secrets, keep on reading…

Northern girl at heart

As much as I love living in the sunny south, the north will always be my home – hey, I can’t get rid of the accent all too easily so I’ll never be able to forget where I’m from! But why would I want to? Durham is the most beautiful city – it’s historical, it has great shops and good restaurants, and did I mention a fantastic night life too?

The North East will always have a special place in my heart, although I may never live there again, it will always be my home. But I have to admit, the weather is definitely better here in the South 😉

The Girl Behind The Grid -

Fashion journalist

In 2015 I graduated from university with a degree in fashion journalism. I had the most amazing time there realising my career dreams and meeting my very best friend, Laura. It was there that I created my very own sewing magazine, named Oh Sew Dizzy (there’s a theme going on here) and I’ve promised myself that one day I will make that dream a reality.

My degree has landed me some amazing opportunities, from internships at magazines and newspapers to interviewing celebrities. It’s made me realise that anything is truly possible if you believe in yourself enough.

The Girl Behind The Grid -

Dizzy & Daisy

The inspiration behind the blog – my two beautiful fur babies. These two cuties mean the world to me and make living far from home incredibly difficult. But my mam and dad keep me regularly updated with pictures, videos and of course a weekly FaceTime.

The Girl Behind The Grid -   The Girl Behind The Grid -

Family is everything

My family mean the world to me, which makes it so tough being so far away from them. I am ridiculously close to both my parents, and I hope Archie has the same relationship with Chris and I in the future as I have with my mam and dad.

The Girl Behind The Grid -

Although it’s so difficult being away from my family up North, I of course have my gorgeous boys right by my side, which makes it a whole lot easier. I absolutely love spending time as a family making new memories on great adventures. Chris and Archie are my world, and I love that we have each other no matter what.

The Girl Behind The Grid -

My camera roll

As you can imagine, my camera roll is taken up with probably 92% worth of pictures of Archie, which of course I don’t mind in the slightest. The rest? Hmm… a mixture between shameless selfies, Instagram photos and random funny pictures I send to my friends.

Here are some of my favourites from the last week…

The Girl Behind The Grid - The Girl Behind The Grid - The Girl Behind The Grid - The Girl Behind The Grid -

A few favourites

There’s nothing I love more than a cosy day spent with my boys, curled up on the sofa, Disney DVDs and a good cuppa. Oh and some chocolate biscuits! And of course, I do love a good scroll through Instagram 😉

The Girl Behind The Grid -

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The Girl Behind The Grid -

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