Why A Simple No Can Help You Succeed

Looking back to when I was younger, I was forever hearing the word no. Not by my parents (they were so encouraging) but by the people who are supposed to inspire you at a young age – my teachers.

No is such a horrible word. In fact it really sucks. Especially if you’ve worked hard on something, only for someone to turn around and say, “no” to it. Yea, that sucks big time. There’s nothing more crushing than realising someone doesn’t like what you do or say, when all you want to do is try to please them.

I’ll take you on a little journey into my past and share with you the time that ‘no’ really hit me the hardest… I had just applied for my uni courses and I was sitting in my textiles class (I was the only person who had taken it in my year, so I was forced to be with the year below me too) and someone asked me about what my choices were. I happily told them about my decision to choose a few different subjects, as I wasn’t entirely sure the path I wanted to take just yet. That’s when I heard my teacher butt in and tell me what she thought of my choices.

I always loved textiles, but I loathed my teacher. If there is one person that made me feel so small, so insignificant and so hurt by the word no, it was her. Throughout my school years, she was always the person who told me no, the first time being over my choice of hand puppet theme in year 9. Which she ended up loving in the end and would show it to her other classes after mine.

Why A Simple No Can Help You Succeed - www.adizzydaisy.com

But after consistently being told no from her, it made me more determined than ever to prove her wrong. I suddenly had this overwhelming urge to do well. An urge to show her just what I was capable of. Unfortunately part of her ‘no’ did get to me and I opted for the less practical route and chose the writing side of things instead (but I’m a big believer in everything happens for a reason).

Off I went to university, knowing that I had done myself proud and most importantly proven her wrong. But I guess the satisfaction of that didn’t come until a year or so later, when I found myself serving said teacher in the fabric shop I worked in. There she was stood in front of me, like a dragon facing the knight about to slay it, I could sense her smugness as she assumed this was my life now. “Oh you work here now do you?” she asked. I have never felt so proud of myself as I did when I turned around to her and said, “this is my weekend job while I’m at university studying fashion journalism.” Seeing the smile disappear from her face made the grin on mine grow 10 times bigger.

Unfortunately in life you will never please everyone. You will never be what everyone wants. You may not be the perfect person for someone, but you will be exactly what someone else is looking for.

Of course it can be hard to pick yourself up after someone has told you no. It can be difficult to find the drive to carry on and strive for your dreams. But you are good enough. You can do anything you set your mind to, if you only believe in yourself.

Don’t waste your time, energy or love on someone who doesn’t believe in your potential. There’s only one person who needs to believe in you, and that is you.

So for all of those people who have told you no. Told you that you weren’t capable of the dreams you have. Go out and prove them wrong. Show them that you don’t need their approval. You have got this.

Have you every proven someone wrong when they told you that you couldn’t do something?

Why A Simple No Can Help You Succeed - www.adizzydaisy.com

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