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Things To Do While On Your Maternity Leave

As I write this I have currently been on maternity leave 12 days and I’ve already found myself rushing around like a headless chicken in an attempt to prepare for my baby’s arrival. It’s not till people tell me to stop and enjoy this precious time I have alone that I really think about the fact that this will be the last time I am ALONE. So here are a few of my favourite things to do to really make the most of my maternity leave.

Things To Do While On Your Maternity Leave -

Pamper yourself | I tend to have great plans of carrying out a much-needed pamper session and then never actually see it through. But, it’s time to stop, relax and get your pamper on. If like me, you feel guilty that not only are you enjoying some relaxing time away from work but to then add some pampering on top of that would simply be taking the biscuit. Well, it’s time to get that idea out of your head. Pregnancy is tough, and so you need time to unwind, and relax those aching muscles. Remember, it won’t be long before you’re not alone and any chance of a pamper session will be well and truly out of the window. So, enjoy it while you can!

Read a book | It’s likely to be a while before you’ll read anything with little more than 10 words to a page so get your teeth sunk into a good book now before time runs out.

Get creative | I usually have no trouble working some creativity in my life, however while being pregnant I have let this slip. So, I’ve decided to take these couple of weeks before little one arrives to spend doing what I love most. Because I now don’t have to worry about fitting it around work, I can do little bits here and there throughout the day which helps pass the time I am alone but also keeps me active and most importantly, productive too. I’m currently making lots of adorable items for my little one. So, stay tuned!

Sit back with a cuppa | Sometimes sitting down with a lovely mug of coffee (decaf of course) is all you need to make you feel refreshed and relaxed. Taking that much-needed me-time is vital and very much deserved. Why not invite your friends round for a natter too?


What are your favourite things to do while you’re on maternity leave?

Motherhood, Pregnancy

Finding Out The Gender

I have lost count of how many times I have been asked whether or not we’ll be finding out the sex of our first born child, and I’ve certainly got an endless list of people thinking their opinion is gospel. “You’ll regret not having the surprise,” “you need to plan.”

As cliche as it may sound, all I honestly care about is my baby being happy and healthy, whatever gender they might be. And no matter what I may think, right now, the gender decision has already been made. It’s 100% out of our hands.

I toy between the idea of both sexes. How nice it would be to dress my little girl up in all the costumes I loved wearing as a child. Or creating such a dapper little chap in the cute smart outfits for little boys. I honestly am not fussed either way.

I think it would be fair to say that before falling pregnant I would have favoured having a little girl. I think all women want someone they can talk to and relate to. But since learning I was pregnant I honestly have no preference.

Chris and I made a decision on our way to our early scan – if it’s twins we will find out the sex when we can, and if it’s one, we won’t. And as baby number one is growing happily and healthily in there on its own our decision was made.

My mam tells me all the time of the surprise of finding out that I was a girl when so many people were convinced she was having a boy.

Don’t get me wrong, a part of me thinks ‘well it would be a lot easier to find out, for planning sake,’ but we love neutral clothes and accessories regardless so that doesn’t matter, and well we have one name for each sex, so we’re pretty settled on that front.

Did you find out the gender, or did you want the surprise? I would love to hear your stories!