10 Facts About Me

I thought among all of the serious posts about mental health, fitness and of course my little bundle of joy, I would share a more light-hearted post with you all.

I always enjoy posts from others that give me a little insight into their life, that tell me more about the person and what they enjoy doing. So I thought why not do the same?

At 23-years-old, I’ve had a pretty crazy life so far, but an amazing one at that. I’ve travelled the world, bagged myself my dream job, met the love of my life and given birth to the most beautiful little boy.

So here is ten random facts about me! Enjoy…

1 | I moved away from my family, to the other side of the country when I was 20, to follow my dreams (as corny as that sounds).

2 | I now work for the magazine that I have subscribed to since it was launched.

3 | I have a degree in Fashion Journalism.

4 | I LOVE candles, oh and lanterns. Or even better, candles in lanterns.

5 | I hate cheese.

6 | I love real-life crime documentaries about murders and the likes. Especially the ones that follow prisoners in America. Who’s with me?

7 | I travelled to Australia on my own to meet my Aussie bestie (who I met at uni) and spend a few weeks with her and her family.

8 | Hours before my waters broke, I video’d myself saying today’s the day, and sure enough it was.

9 | I like to name all the plants I own (it makes me less likely to kill them, although I usually still end up doing so).

10 | The day we decided what we would call our baby if it was a boy, we were served by a waiter with the same name. Spooky!

Tell me some random facts about you…

10 Facts About Me - www.adizzydaisy.com

P.s here’s me, back in my cute days where I refused to wear anything other than my Snow White costume. If I could still get away with doing so, I’d be wearing it right now, because well, Disney is life.

10 Facts About Me - www.adizzydaisy.com

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