10 Small Things That Boost My Mood

You know those little happenings that you could almost miss or take for granted that instantly put a smile on your face? Yea, those. Let’s celebrate them.

1 | Climbing into a bed that has fresh sheets on it… Oh that instant love affair you have snuggling deeper into the duvet. I can’t be the only one that gets a serious thrill from this, surely?

2 | Making a to-do list and actually achieving everything on the list. I’m beyond guilty of writing things down that I know I’ve already done and crossing them off to leave myself feeling accomplished. But I’m talking about those moments where you’ve set out to do real tasks and you actually finish them. Winning!

3 | A nice relaxing bath. Complete with face mask, candles, music and a glass of wine please.

4 | When you’re driving and you slow down to let someone out and they ACTUALLY say thank you. (I instantly feel like I need to smile and acknowledge their acknowledgment at least 20 times so they know just how grateful I am).

5 | Treating yourself to a bunch of flowers, because why wait for someone else to do it for you? If I could have fresh flowers in the house every week, then yes I would. There’s nothing more beautiful than walking into a room and seeing an array of bright colours and that delightful smell.

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6 | Meeting up with a friend just for a natter. Being a mum has left me feeling very lonely sometimes. So it’s lovely to have a quick catch up with a friend, nattering about life over a nice cuppa. Yea, that’s pretty special.

7 | Talking about cuppa’s, how about when you make the perfect cup of tea and you actually get to drink it? Hallelujah for those moments. It’s so very rare that I have time to make a cuppa let alone sit down and actually finish it, so those times I do make me very happy.

8 | Fitting into those old jeans you love. Need I say anymore?

9 | Hearing the words “I love you”. I’m a real sucker for romance. I love being loved and being in love. So when I hear those three little words my mood instantly lifts.

10 | Baby smiles. When your baby looks at you with pure love in their eyes how could you not be happy?

What puts a smile on your face?

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