10 Tips For Tummy Time Success

Tummy time is exactly what it sounds like it is – time spent on your tummy while awake and supervised.

Placing your baby on their belly can help provide them with the opportunity to move from side-to-side, which can help aid coordination, postural control and balance. These new motor skills will help your little one become more curious, which will begin their need and want to move around and explore.

Like adults, babies need to experience different positions throughout the day in order to maintain and develop healthy and functional bodies.

10 Tips For Success

1 Start early | It may seem like newborns are too fragile to begin tummy time but it’s an amazing start to their early life to be introduced to the wonders of belly time.

2 Make it time for bonding | If your baby is enjoying tummy time while lying on you, then why not take this as an opportunity to bond with them? You could try talking to them or even singing – whatever it is make sure you make eye contact with your little one.

3 Get on their level | Your little one is more likely going to love tummy time if a loved one is close by. So get down on the floor with them and enjoy some quality time together.

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4 The whole family can participate | Mum, dad, grandparents, siblings or even a friend who’s come to visit, everyone can get involved with encouraging your little one to enjoy time on their belly. And it’s a great opportunity for them to bond too!

5 Stimulate their senses | Engage with your baby by introducing colourful mats and toys as well as talking throughout playtime.

6 Introduce texture | Soft blankets, textured rugs and ribbons provide excellent stimulation for your little one.

7 Slowly does it | If your baby doesn’t appear to like tummy time, just introduce them to small bursts of belly time. Once their love for it grows, extend the time accordingly.

8 Time it right | Tummy time is best carried out when your baby is happy and content. If your little one has just eaten, this may not be the best time to introduce belly playtime so make sure you give them tummy time at the correct time.

9 Try side-lying | An alternative to being on the tummy is lying on the side.

10 Don’t stress | You may find that you’ve followed all of these steps, but your little one still doesn’t seem to enjoy belly time. That’s ok, don’t stress. Every baby is different and some babies just don’t like tummy time, but even if your little one misses out this stage in development, they still grow up to sit, crawl and walk, so don’t worry.

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