5 Reasons To Enjoy Colouring As An Adult

Let’s face it, colouring doesn’t just have to be for the littles in your life. I often enjoy a little ‘me’ time spent with a black and white drawing and my trusty Sharpies.

There’s something quite satisfying about taking pen to paper and making a mark, whether it’s a bit of doodling or colouring, it’s a great way to relax. It might even be the only thing you accomplish in a day, but it’s something.

Here are five reasons why you should colour…

5 Reasons To Enjoy Colouring As An Adult - www.adizzydaisy.com

1 Self expression | Self expression helps us identify who we are as a person. From the colours we choose, to the starting point we decide upon, colouring is a great way to express ourselves.

2 Stress relief | My anxiety can be so bad some days that I don’t want to leave the house. That’s why I feel immense relief from such a simple task. There’s no judgement. I can do it at my pace, and make my own decisions. It’s so nice to just sit down with my colouring books and forget about all of my stresses and troubles weighing me down. Who could get stressed out from colouring, ey?

3 A welcome distraction | Forget your daily goings on. The bills, the stressful day at work, the sleepless nights and sit down and relax. It may only be a five minute space you have to fill, but make sure you pencil colouring into your to-do list. You’ll thank me later!

4 An opportunity to bond with your child | If your child enjoys colouring, then why not use that as an opportunity to spend some time together? When they get out their colouring books and pencils, why not get yours out too? You both get to express yourselves and offer some friendly encouragement too!

5 Confidence booster | Sometimes I complete a page in my colouring book and I take a minute or two to just look at it. I’m often surprised at how much I like the artwork I’ve produced and I love that little confidence boost it gives me. I’ve even considered framing a few, that’s ok isn’t it?

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