5 Ways To Play With Your Four Month Old

5 Ways To Play With Your Four Month Old - www.adizzydaisy.com

1 Sing and talk | Just spending time singing or talking to your baby is a fun activity for the both of you. Your little one will love listening to the sound of your voice as they develop their own.

2 Hand and feet rattles | By now your little one should just be discovering their feet and so by placing rattles in this area it encourages your baby to move their body.

3 Activity gyms | There are so many fabulous activity gyms on the market. Your baby will love reaching for the hanging toys.

4 Sensory mats | With different textures and colours to engage with, your little one’s imagination will be able to run wild.

5 Toys | A mixture of toys for your little one will build their development. You could also try placing a toy on their chest to gain more engagement from them at this young age.

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