8 Week Postpartum Check

I’ve got to admit, this really wasn’t something I was looking forward to post-pregnancy. I’m not entirely sure why. I think I may have built it up to be something more than what it was. But all in all, I really didn’t want to have to talk about me, and more importantly I was hoping I was done with being looked at down there the moment I walked out of the hospital.

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Archie got the all clear from all of his tests – which is fantastic news! I don’t know if it’s a first child thing or an every child thing but all I seem to do is worry about the next visit from/to somewhere and hoping he’s ticking all of the boxes. He’s piling on the weight because, well, there’s no filling this little chunk up and he’s developing in all of the ways he should be. He also had his first lot of injections this week which I think wasn’t a pleasant experience for either of us! Those little tears nearly broke my heart. He’s definitely been a little unwell since getting them, but apparently that’s all normal and certainly nothing to worry about – so all good!

I got the all-ok too, which I’m also very pleased about! I must admit, I wasn’t prepared for the list of questions I was bombarded with on whether or not I was coping. I mean, how are you really supposed to answer things like that? Everyone copes and deals with situations in a way that suits them and it may not be a standard way of doing things, but I’m sure it works for them, so I’m always nervous to talk about the way I’m doing things. But the doctor seemed to be happy with everything and I was very pleased he didn’t need to go anywhere near my stitches!

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