A Birthday Trip To London

So it was my birthday last Friday and to celebrate, Chris surprised me with the day off work – YEY! He also surprised me with my very first Mam card (which if you didn’t know is a pretty big deal to a Northerner). And in that card he revealed we were off to London for the day, which I couldn’t have been more excited about.

The sun was shining, and despite having his injections the day before, Archie was in a fabulous mood – win, win!

A Birthday Trip To London - www.adizzydaisy.com

The plan was to hit the London Aquarium but as it was such a nice day, it seemed a waste to spend it indoors. So instead we decided to have a little walk around and have a picnic lunch in the park which was splendid.

A Birthday Trip To London - www.adizzydaisy.com

We also got a rare picture of the two of us that isn’t a selfie, which really made my day. When you become parents it’s sometimes hard to remember life before baby and enjoy moments just the two of you as a couple again (although technically Archie is in this picture but hidden in his pram hehe).

A Birthday Trip To London - www.adizzydaisy.com

It was so lovely to spend the day as a family, just walking around, enjoying the sunshine. Although walking round London with a baby in tow is definitely a task. We must remember to ditch the pram and to take the baby carrier next time instead.

A Birthday Trip To London - www.adizzydaisy.com

Have you got any tips for hitting London with a baby? Share them with me 🙂 x

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