A Letter To 23-Year-Old Me

So, happy birthday!

You’re the big 2-3 and I know you thought you’d have your life together by now. But behind all the chaos, the nappies and the mum bun, you kind of do. You’re a mother now. A successful young woman whether you choose to believe it or not. You’ve created life this year. You’re nurturing and helping your little one become the best they can be.

But I also want you (me) to know, that it’s ok not to be ok sometimes. Life isn’t always going to be plain sailing and you can’t always have things exactly the way you want them. It’s ok to sit and cry, even if you’re not sure why you are doing it. It’s ok to feel sad and worried. And it’s ok to be scared. But it’s also ok for you to be happy. Remember that.

When you’re smiling, cherish the moment. Don’t deliberately question your happiness and think of ways to be sad again. Live for the times you’re happy and enjoying life.

Do what makes you happy. Stop people pleasing, or doing things you think you should do in case people are judging you. Forget that, and make plans for you and your family. You matter Sian, whether you choose to believe it or not sometimes. You do.

Enjoy being a mother, a girlfriend, a daughter. Enjoy being 23!

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