A Thousand Thank You’s To My Boyfriend

It’s a well-known fact that well, the person who chooses to be your birthing partner doesn’t really receive any credit for the immense pressure they’ve been under to keep you cool, calm and collected during childbirth. I literally can’t thank my wonderful boyfriend enough for everything he has done to help me. It’s not always easy to show someone just how appreciative you are for everything they have done, but I hope this helps you recognise that sometimes the little things are worth a thousand thank you’s and more.

I experienced a very long and tiring pre-labour which lasted a total of two weeks. Now, while most men would continue working and leave you to, well, dilate alone, Chris was there every step of the way supporting me through the toughest part of my life. I didn’t have to lift a finger. Drinks, food, a shoulder to cry on, whatever he was there for me no matter what. Though I know he felt a little useless in the two weeks I was measuring at 2cm leading up to the birth, he still did everything in his power to help me.

Aside from helping me through what seemed to be the longest labour ever, he also helped me through the ordeal of being in hospital. I was a nervous wreck the entire duration we were in hospital, as we seemed to be bombarded with so many different things. But having him right by my side was everything I needed and more. He changed every single nappy and kept a check of my tablet intake, as well as running backwards and forwards to the special care unit where Archie spent the first two and half days of his life.

Through everything he has been my rock. Bringing home a baby isn’t easy. It’s a real test of your own abilities and also that of your relationship, but it’s made me realise just how important he is and how much more I love him now that we’re a family. It really is true what they say, there’s nothing more beautiful than seeing the man you love become a father, and this guy is the best.

Happy first Father’s Day Chris 🙂 xx



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