Adding A DIY Accessory To Your Stroller

Ever the diy-er I wanted to adapt my BabyZen YoYo stroller to be more fitting to mine and Archie’s needs. Because he’s still young, and in need of stimulation while in his pram, I decided to do a little DIY to make it more fun for him.

I’d been looking for a universal bar that would fit over the stroller to hang one of his toys from, but all of them were from China and would take a while for delivery. I was tempted to just buy one anyway and make do until it arrived, but then I had a thought…

Due to him outgrowing his rocking swing we bought him when I was pregnant, I had just dismantled it and stored it away. It occurred to me that it had a bar that went across it with toys dangling from it. I wondered whether this was about the right size for our stroller. And just like that, it was!

Adding A DIY Accessory To Your Stroller -

Obviously the bar is meant to be clicked into the parts on the swing so it can’t stay up on its own on the stroller, so I’ve tied ribbon around both ends and attached it to the chassis of the pram.

Adding A DIY Accessory To Your Stroller -

It’s such a quick and easy way to update a stroller and it means Archie has some form of entertainment while we’re out and about.

Adding A DIY Accessory To Your Stroller -

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