Archie’s First Magazine Shoot

As you may or may not already know my 9-5 happens to be in the wonderful world of editorial.

I absolutely love working in the publishing industry especially because my company has the best crafting magazines under it’s name (and I’m a die-hard crafter).

There’s always the need for baby models for the projects included within all of the magazines, so it’s a known fact if you have a little one, then they’ll most likely end up in one of the mags at least once. Chris and I were both so excited when we were asked if Archie could model some very cute elf booties for the Christmas edition of Let’s Get Crafting: Knitting & Crochet…

and here’s the result!

Archie's First Magazine Shoot -

It’s crazy to see how teeny our little boy looks in this picture, he was only 10 weeks old here – it’s certainly something we will treasure forever! How amazing is it that our beautiful boy has a full page edit in a National magazine? A star in the making right here!

Stay tuned for more magazine appearances 🙂

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