Archie’s First Sensory Class

So life got in the way a little bit this week and I’m only just getting around to reflecting on Archie’s first sensory class which was on Monday. Yes, I know it’s Friday… I’ve been quite busy actually!

Classes were something I knew I wanted to do with Archie, for his sake, to build up his confidence and learn new things, but I was terribly scared to go myself. I don’t really cope that well in social situations like that. I get myself all worked up and feel incredibly nervous. It’s weird because for those that know me well, would never assume I’d get like that because I do love talking to people once my confidence grows.

But anyway, I managed to convince myself that I’d be OK and I finally took him to his first class…

I’d heard many good things about sensory, and how it’s a key element of their development at a young age. Introducing them to new colours, shapes and sounds. So I knew this was one I’d want to do. I booked him on a 10-week course of one-hour long sessions, which to be honest, go over so quickly you hardly feel like you’ve done anything. But after one class down, Archie seems to be loving it.

Archie's First Sensory Class -

We played with toys and Archie was introduced to flashing lights and new songs. I’m not going to lie, the ‘say hello’ song they do at the beginning of the session is a little daunting to a new mum who’s never been to a class before. It’s a sign language song that you sing to your little one at the beginning of each class and all of the other mums there knew all of the words and actions and I was kind of just sat there wishing the ground would swallow me up. I’ve even tried finding the song on YouTube to try and learn all of the sign language but I am the least coordinated person and my hands and arms just seem to get in a muddle. Oh well, Archie may be teaching me it one day!

But all in all, the class was lovely. I think I underestimated what my 11-week old baby could do or would be interested in. And since then I’ve seen him grow and develop so quickly. He recognises sounds more, and has developed more of a personality by letting me know things he loves. He’s such a happy baby. He gives me the most beautiful little smiles and he’s awake more so it means I get to spend more of my day with him. I find myself giving him more opportunities to interact with things now. I realise that he’s never going to be too young to discover the world. Although, it’s scaring me at how quickly I feel like he’s growing up.

Archie's First Sensory Class -

I’m so pleased we’re doing classes so early in his life. I feel like I’m giving him the best chance to do well in life. But if you can’t afford classes or there aren’t any near you, there are plenty of ways you can get the same results at home. I’m going to be posting a few more DIY sensory tutorials, so do stay tuned. But if you’re looking for a little inspiration now, why not check out my DIY Baby And Toddler Sensory Bottles – it’s a cheap and easy way of teaching your little one new things.

I’ll be posting weekly updates of our classes, so keep up-to-date with our sensory journey 🙂 x

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