Archie’s Godmother Proposal

I’m not a religious person but I do like to stick to some traditions when it comes to raising a family, so my child having Godparents, whether they are actually christened or not was important to me from the get go.

Choosing a Godmother was easy. It had to be someone reliable, someone who would care for my little boy and someone who I knew would be there for either of us in a time of need. That job fell on one person. My best friend, Laura.

We’ve been through a lot together and throughout everything I’ve known she had my back. Every milestone we’ve hit, she’s been there, despite the distance between us and I knew she would be there for Archie too.

Archie's Godmother Proposal -

I began planning on how I’d ask her to be Godmother throughout my pregnancy, with Pinterest being my main source of inspiration. I knew I wanted to do something memorable and fun, but also something that would remind her of me and my baby too.

Because I’m a massive Disney fan, I decided that something along the lines of a ‘fairy godmother’ theme would be a fab idea. I found the perfect mug on Etsy which said ‘only the best of friends are promoted to godmother’. It was everything I wanted to say in one hit. Then just for fun and sticking to the fairy godmother theme, I added a cute wand from Claire’s | £3.50.

Archie's Godmother Proposal -

And we’re happy to say she said yes!

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