Baby Number Two

Don’t get too excited. This is not a birth announcement post – gosh that would have been a pretty quick turnaround given the fact Archie isn’t even four months old yet. No, this post is about planning for baby number two, or even if baby number two will ever happen.

Baby Number Two -

I know what you’re thinking. Why am I even thinking about another baby already? Well, to be honest I never expected to want more than one child. Being an only child myself, I know the great benefits from being on your own. But why can’t I get the idea of having another baby out of my head?

I absolutely loved being pregnant and I miss it every single day. There’s honestly no greater feeling than knowing your body is creating life. I find myself feeling so jealous of anyone who is pregnant right now, just because I want it so badly. I remember thinking while I was pregnant that I was really going to miss this feeling. But I never estimated just how much.

But how much time should we leave before thinking seriously about baby number two? To be honest I don’t even know whether Chris would want anymore. Especially not right now. But even though I have everything I’ve ever wanted, I still feel so empty.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying every minute of having Archie but I love the idea of him being a big brother already. I also want to fill this empty feeling with another life. I guess what I really want is to feel useful again.

How long did you wait before trying for baby number two?

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  1. I proper fancied another baby when Osc was newborn to about 6 months, and we actually tried, and I am so glad I didn’t fall pregnant now looking back. The newborn stage is so easy you think you can have 12, but then they get so much more difficult and unbearable. I used to think “why do people think it’s hard?”, but I was so silly looking back. Read my post about having a toddler! Good lord, its awful.

    However, he’s now 16 months and I want another again. Between 10 and 18 months I think it can be really impossible, but it’s also coincidentally when they start getting their teeth.. which is probably why. The good thing is, if you choose to have another now, at least you’ll get them out of the way quicker, as they say

    Good luck with whatever you choose to do!

    Fern @ Mumconventional

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