Baby Sensory Frog Week

“It’s frog week you say?”

Baby Sensory Frog Week -

It was frog week yesterday at our baby sensory group and we had so much fun! It’s amazing to see how much Archie has developed over the past few weeks. He’s becoming so inquisitive and loves nothing more than being nosey – which makes this group perfect for him!

Because we had so much fun this week I thought it would be nice to share with you our time, and in case you’re considering doing baby sensory classes yourself, then hopefully this will convince you to do so!

Baby Sensory Frog Week -

Our class leader gets so involved with the babies and even us adults have a great time too. The classes are completely baby led so if you need to get up and feed or change your baby, you’re free to do so. And if your baby chooses to sleep through the entire class then that’s ok too… you just get to have all of the fun yourself!

Baby Sensory Frog Week -

There’s a room full of fun toys and objects to play with before, after and during the session, and Archie always has lots of fun exploring new things. Who’d have thought a simple bath toy would cause so much enjoyment? We’ll definitely be getting some of these at home now too.  Baby Sensory Frog Week -

We went deep into the ocean and met some of the animals you can find in the deep blue sea. We rode a giant whale and said hello to a beautiful blue dolphin. It’s so much fun watching your baby get excited by these every day objects.

Baby Sensory Frog Week -

These classes are definitely helping Archie develop. He’s beginning to nail sitting up (mainly because he’s so nosey and wants to watch what everyone else is doing)!   Baby Sensory Frog Week -

We both look forward to the class each week and we’re very excited to sign up to the next term of classes. If you’re interested in booking onto a class, why not check out their website to see if there’s one near you.

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