Baby Weaning With Ella’s Kitchen

I have always been a big believer in if you think your baby is ready for food, then you should trust your instinct. After all, who spends more time with your little one than you? I understand some parent’s reluctance to start weaning before six months, but for us as a family, weaning Archie at four months has been perfect.

He still gets his daily intake of milk (probably way more than a baby his age -he’s such a hungry boy) but he’s also been trying the odd bit of puree here and there – which he loves! I wanted to start him with foods that I could trust, and that’s why we opted for Ella’s Kitchen pouches as they’re 100% organic. Once Archie is eating more than a few spoonfuls every day I will be making my own purees so I can determine exactly what is going into his diet, but for now these pouches are super easy and very convenient!

Baby Weaning With Ella's Kitchen -

You can get a range of different pouches suitable for 4 months plus, including vegetable, fruit and a combination of fruits and baby rice which are perfect to start weaning your little one with.

If you sign up to become a friend of Ella’s Kitchen you will receive a free weaning pack which is a wonderful way to start your baby weaning journey. In the pack you will receive a handy wall chart that you can use to track their food milestones. There are cute stickers included which you can add to your chart to see all of the tasty treats your little one has tried. If you’re wondering how to start weaning, there’s a journey map included which helps you to decide what your baby should be having at what age. Plus there’s money off vouchers too – yey!

Baby Weaning With Ella's Kitchen -

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