Breastfed Or Bottle – Who Really Cares?

One thing that always annoys me when you’re a new parent is the constant questions surrounding how your baby is fed. So is he breast or bottle people will ask and I suddenly feel ridiculously guilty when I have to reply by saying bottle. I feel like I have to justify my reasoning for not feeding my son breast milk and instead choosing to opt for the bottle. But why do I feel this overwhelming guilt? And why do people feel the need to ask?

There may be a million reasons why someone can’t feed their baby naturally or in some circumstances that person may not actually want to do it. After all it really isn’t for everyone. But what is so wrong with that?

Looking at my partner feeding our little man, why would I ever want to rob him of that opportunity? I love the fact that he gets to enjoy quality time with Archie while he feeds because it allows them to bond beyond play time. Surely the fact that he’s a happy, healthy baby, who’s growing exactly the way he should be is the most important thing?

Breastfed Or Bottle - Who Really Cares? -

I actually had every intention of trying to breastfeed my baby and at first I could. But Archie was taken to the special care unit the night he was born where he spent two and half days. In which time he went from being nil by mouth, to being fed tiny amounts of formula after his stomach had been pumped. I expressed what I could but I was very tired and couldn’t fill our hungry little man up so he was having a mixture of the two. After a few days Archie eventually weened himself off the breast and continued with the bottle.

I was of course upset at first, thinking I had failed at being a mother. But now I am happy in the knowledge that my baby is growing at a healthy rate and I am able to share these precious moments with a wider group of people.

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