DIY Baby And Toddler Discovery Bottles

Letting your little one discover the world of sight and sound is a perfect way of allowing them to gain the vital skills they need in order for them to develop. These discovery bottles are perfect for doing just that and they can be made easily with household items.


  • Clear empty plastic bottles
  • A variety of household items
  • Glue gun or strong sealant

DIY Baby And Toddler Discovery Bottles -

You can add whatever contents you’d like to the bottles, but make sure there are a mix of items that will appeal to your little one’s senses, including different colours and sounds.

Once the ingredients have been added to each bottle, screw the lid back onto the bottles and carefully seal shut using a glue gun or strong sealant.

DIY Baby And Toddler Discovery Bottles -


  • Pipe cleaners
  • Colourful buttons
  • Tinfoil
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