Five Month Baby Update

Can someone please tell me how I have been a mama for five months already? I seriously can’t believe it. Someone pinch me please.

Five Month Baby Update -

I am beginning to feel like I am getting to grips with this motherhood malarkey now. I recognise Archie’s different noises and seem to know what he wants (most of the time anyway). It’s a great feeling knowing I’m understanding him more. I kinda feel like we’re in sync a little more now.

You’re growing in personality so much, and I definitely know you’re going to be a bit of a cheeky chappy – but I love you so much already for it. You’re definitely making me feel like a real boy mama right now.

Not much has changed in the way of sleeping since our last update (in fact I think you may have got worse)! – Read all about our sleep regression here – Your gums seem to be bothering you a lot, but there are no signs of any teeth cutting just yet.

We’ve popped you on hungry baby milk now for your bedtime feeds because as usual, we just can’t seem to fill you up – even though you’re on way more solid food now. You still love your grub though, which makes mammy very happy – oh and you love a bit of soggy toast hehe!

You’ve experienced a few firsts in the last month and it’s got us very excited for all the other firsts you will have. You had your first dip in a pool, the sea and even played around in the sand at the beach too. You’re so close to crawling now, and you have the cutest little shuffle you do to get you from A to B. We really don’t think it’ll be long before you’re on the move properly.

Five Month Baby Update -

Your laugh is still the best thing to listen to. Your smiles are the best thing to look at and your cuddles are the best thing to receive when I’m feeling low. You have such a beautiful personality already and I am beyond lucky to call you my son.

Here’s to the next month! x

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