Four Month Baby Update

Four whole months you’ve been on this planet and to be honest it feels like four minutes. I don’t know where the time is going, but I’m definitely not happy about it! (It seems you’re not happy about it judging by this photo either).

Four Month Baby Update -

You’re such a little boy now and your character is building by the day. Those cheeky smiles of yours get bigger and more contagious each second.

This month you’ve learned the art of rolling over (which means you’re getting yourself into some rather funny positions while you sleep). You’re sitting up a lot stronger now and you’ll be doing it properly in no time at all. You have the most adorable little bum shuffle that you use to get you from one end of the room to the other (mammy can no longer turn her back on you).

You’re giggles are so wonderful to hear and they certainly brighten up any dull day. You love having your feet and legs tickled and you’re engaging more with your toys now.

Your whole life you’ve been such a hungry baby and have loved your milk but you’re now enjoying some different foods too. So far you’ve tried baby rice, porridge and then some veg and fruit purees too. It’s looking like blueberries are you’re favourite so far!

Mammy got you weighed last week and you’re a whopping 17lbs 3oz. You know that’s over a stone right?! That’s my little chunk 🙂

As each day, week and month passes you’re becoming so much more loving and I can’t wait to meet the wonderful little boy you’re going to turn in to. Despite the sleep regression we’re going through right now (read all about it here) I can’t help but fall a little more in love with you with every moment I’m with you.

With all that you have achieved in these short months, I’m so excited to see what you’re about to accomplish. Crawling, sitting, walking? Whatever it is, know that mammy is so proud of you.

Archie, you have very quickly become my mini best friend x

Four Month Baby Update -

p.s chewing my hair is also your favourite thing to do right now – cheeky monkey!

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