Healthy Habits That Make A Successful Mum

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to making your way through this crazy world called motherhood. That doesn’t necessarily mean eating the right things all of the time, or squeezing in a gym workout, it simply means living a happy life.

I am guilty of letting some of these things slip from time to time, but it’s something that I’m trying to stick to more as time goes on in my mum journey. I’m hoping these handy tips will help some other wonderful mama’s out there.

Healthy Habits That Make A Successful Mum -

1 Take time for yourself | It’s important that you make time for yourself amongst the nappy changes, screaming babies and constant feeds. Whether that’s something as simple as running a bath and enjoying a soak, or catching up with your favourite TV show, basically do something that makes you happy. You’ll probably feel guilty for wanting some time on your own – but that’s ok, just remember that you’re only human and sometimes we just need to take a bit of time out. Even something as little as running your daily errands without the kids in tow can make a huge difference.

2 Exercise | As you can probably tell I’m not a gym-goer or even a home exerciser, but I do find time in my day or week to make time to exercise. It’s not masses, but I make sure that I go for a little walk around the park or to the shops. It may not seem like exercise to some, but getting out in the fresh air and pushing my ridiculously heavy pram seems like an ok-ish workout to me.

3 Create a schedule | How great are lists though seriously? And having a schedule and sticking to it is as satisfying as writing a list and checking off everything you’ve completed. It will make you instantly feel more relaxed and inevitably more organised in your day-to-day routine. Of course, you can stray from your schedule if you have other plans, but having one in the back of your mind will help immensely.

4 Have fun | If you can’t have fun now when you have children, when can you? This time is meant to be enjoyed, so make sure you do!

5 Stop being so hard on yourself | Not every day is going to be perfect. Not every day is going to consist of a happy baby, sunshine and success in getting all of your jobs done. But that’s life. Don’t live your days with constant mum guilt on your shoulders. Find happiness in the little things that have gone right. Scroll through some funny pictures of your little ones or watch them as they sleep peacefully and recognise the good job you’re doing. Because you are fab!

How do you like to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

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