How To Teach Your Baby To Fall Asleep Alone

Do you dread the nighttime routine because it usually means hours of rocking, lullaby’s and endless feeds? If you’re looking to shorten your nightly routine by teaching your little one to fall asleep alone then keep on reading!

How To Teach Your Baby To Fall Asleep Alone -

1 Routine | Creating and sticking to a routine is key, however boring it may sound. Babies love routine as it causes less confusion that may lead to any resistance when it comes to bedtime.

2 Arms still | Letting your baby fall asleep in your still arms avoids them being used to being rocked to sleep. This mimics laying on their own in the crib and will ensure that if they wake during the night, they won’t require any rocking to get back to sleep.

3 Put them in bed awake | To increase the chance of teaching your baby to fall asleep alone, the best thing to do is to lay your baby in their cot while they are still awake. This doesn’t necessarily mean wide awake, by awake this can also mean drowsy or even just drifting off. The important thing is that they are awake and on their own rather than being in your arms. If they wake during the night, they will begin to realise that they don’t need you to settle back down.

4 Keep at it | Don’t give up. No matter how hard it may seem. Stick to one routine even if it doesn’t appear to be working at first. You need to give these things time so that your little one will begin to realise that this is the norm for them. The process isn’t an overnight miracle worker – unfortunately – but both you and your baby will be so pleased once a routine is set and well underway!

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