Introducing Food To Baby

From day one our little chunk has loved his food and you know what? That makes me super happy. I’d much rather have a healthy, well-fed baby than a teeny weeny skinny one that doesn’t like to feed. The past few weeks he’s been showing a real interest in food. He loves watching me eat and is super curious as to what we’re doing when we are eating as he wants to touch whatever it is.

I wasn’t even sure where to begin with introducing new food to him but after talking to friends and family members and doing some research we decided the best place to start was by giving him some baby rice.

Introducing Food To Baby -

It’s actually a lot easier to make than I first thought. You simply mix a small amount of baby rice with your little one’s usual milk and there you have it. You can also change the amount of rice to milk ratio in order to get a texture that is suitable for your baby. At first Archie took better to it if it was a slightly runnier consistency, more like the milk he was used to. But now he likes it slightly thicker.

It’s really important to make meal time fun. I always try and be super enthusiastic with every mouthful he takes so that he knows it’s something to get excited about too. Which we’re having no problems with at the moment.

Introducing Food To Baby -

Because our little boy was getting really good at handling his baby rice we decided to move onto some more exciting foods. These Ella’s Kitchen pouches are perfect for starting your four month old baby on. There’s a great variety of flavours for this stage so be sure to check out what’s on the shelves. These pouches clearly indicate what age they are suitable for so make sure you get the right one before purchasing.

At the moment we’re only giving Archie a small amount a day as well as his usual bottle feeds, but he is certainly getting more interested in food by the day. He’s taking more and more at each feed which is a great sign for what’s to come.

How did you find introducing your baby to food?

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