Keeping Warm This Winter With Hugzzies

When you only have yourself to look after, making sure you’re warm and cosy is pretty simple. Add a little one into the mix and the worry of keeping them warm can sometimes become difficult to adjust to. Archie’s little hands always seem to be chilly and although I know it’s the temperature of their chest you should pay close attention to, it always makes me worry he’s cold. That’s one reason why I love to snuggle up with my baby, because that’s when I feel like I can keep him totally safe and warm.

Finding a product that will keep us both warm this winter is super important and if it can look cute too then of course we’re onto a winner. That’s why when Dexter the Dog came into our lives I was most certainly excited to see how it would help both Archie and I stay cosy.

I’ve never really been a fan of hot water bottles as they’ve always just seemed too much hassle for my liking – plus they’re a no-go for little ones. So a wheat pack like this one from Hugzzies is the safer and child-friendly alternative that every parent needs in their lives.

Keeping Warm This Winter With Hugzzies -

“A warm hug”

With an amazing range of styles available from bunnies, to cats, to monkeys, there’s a Hugzzies for everyone. For us, the choice was simple. Having just added a little puppy to our family, Dexter the Dog seemed like the most natural choice.

Keeping Warm This Winter With Hugzzies -

Snuggle time

As Archie is still quite young, I wanted to show you how you can use a product like this even with a baby. I simply placed it on my tummy after heating and brought Archie in for a cuddle. He loved the warmth of Dexter and I enjoyed having some extra cuddles from my little boy. The lavender scent is so relaxing (I almost dozed off during out little snuggle time) and I’m pretty sure Archie found it soothing too.

Keeping Warm This Winter With Hugzzies -

Storage pouch

What’s great about this cute little doggy is its multi-use attributes. Not only is it a great source of heat to keep you and your tot warm, but it can also be used as a storage pouch for your little one to wear.

Keeping Warm This Winter With Hugzzies -

Simply remove the lavender-scented wheat pack from inside of the Velcro pouch and your child can use it as their very own bum bag. Although Archie is still a little too young for him to use it to its full potential just yet, he is able to wear it and have fun while doing so.

Keeping Warm This Winter With Hugzzies -

Just for kids?

Certainly not! I am prone to feeling terribly cold on an evening, despite the thermostat reading 21 degrees plus. I don’t know what it is but as soon as I sit down on the sofa after putting Archie to bed and making dinner, I suddenly feel ridiculous cold. I decided to heat up Dexter the Dog for myself to see how well it worked. Of course, the waistband didn’t find around my waist, however I simply placed it on my tummy instead and instantly felt the warmth.

Keeping Warm This Winter With Hugzzies -

It’s also perfect to use for pain relief. As I suffer with migraines and back pain, heat helps to relieve the aches and pains and Dexter the Dog works amazingly well. Simply placing it on the area of pain

Would we recommend?

At just £9.99, this cute companion is most certainly worth the money. Your little one is sure to enjoy wearing this adorable bum bag as a heat pack and also a stylish accessory. It’s a great product for all of the family, making it value for money too.

Of course, this would also make a fantastic gift, if there’s any other little’s in your life.

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Keeping Warm This Winter With Hugzzies -

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