Little Tikes Sensory High Chair Toy Review

There are often times where I need to be in the kitchen while I’m looking after Archie but I don’t want to leave him in the sitting room on his own for longer than a minute. Our kitchen isn’t big enough to move his jumperoo (find out more about that here) in there while I cook or tidy up, so sometimes I will sit him in his high chair and he can watch me work. He enjoys being in my company, and I will give him one of his toys to play with, but it usually ends up on the floor when he chucks it out of his hands.

I remembered seeing a high chair toy somewhere on my travels that stuck to the tray of the chair and would keep your little one entertained. I looked for some online but they were quite expensive and I didn’t see the need to waste a great deal of money on one.

Then, while just nipping into ASDA for some shopping, I noticed they had a baby event on and I spotted this Little Tikes sensory toy which was reduced to £4. I couldn’t believe my luck – just when I was looking for one – bam, there it is. Result.

Little Tikes Sensory High Chair Toy Review -

I knew Archie would love it straight away as it spins which is something that seems to stimulate him a lot.

It also has a great deal of benefits for your child by encouraging hand-eye coordination, stimulating their senses through cause and effect and also developing fine motor skills. For £4 I don’t think you can go far wrong.

Little Tikes Sensory High Chair Toy Review -

It has a suction bottom which sticks to the tray of your high chair and features a little lip bit that you can pull to remove it cleanly. It can easily be washed if it happens to get dirty during meal times.

Did your little one enjoy using a high chair toy? What did you do to keep them entertained in their high chair?

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