Mothercare 2-In-1 Plane Walker Review

I have to say, that overall I have been really disappointed with the lack of choice on offer when it comes to baby walkers. There were none that really screamed ‘buy me’ and to be honest I felt like everything was very gender stereotypical rather than being neutral.

After looking in a few shops and weighing up prices and value for money, we found this plane design walker from Mothercare. Although I originally wanted something that would suit both boys and girls (in case a little girl came along in the future), I simply couldn’t resist this when I saw how happy Archie was cruising around in it.

Mothercare 2-In-1 Plane Walker Review -

I mean, just look at how happy he is?

Mothercare 2-In-1 Plane Walker Review -

As the title suggests, this walker is a 2-in-1 piece of kit, featuring a push along function as well as a walker. That way if your little one needs some gentle encouragement to get their feet moving, you can try pushing them around in it to start. This will also be a convenient feature if you need to move it from one room to another with ease.

Mothercare 2-In-1 Plane Walker Review -

There’s some really cute features on this walker, like the spinning propellors, beeping horn, music and flashing buttons. All of which really stimulate your baby’s senses.

Mothercare 2-In-1 Plane Walker Review -

After seeing Archie improve so much in his jumperoo, we knew he was ready for a walker, but we have been so surprised at how much he’s grown in strength in a little under a week. He’s now at the point where he can lift himself up and stand for a few seconds – an amazing achievement for a five month old baby!

Overall at just £40, this walker was a fantastic value for money purchase, especially because a lot of others on the market are well over £60. And considering it’s been put through its paces already, it’s withstanding all the bumps a baby learning to walk can throw at it!

Did your little one love using a walker?

Mothercare 2-In-1 Plane Walker Review -

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