My August Goals

Ok, so July came and went in what seemed like a flash and now we’re into August. What? This does happen to be my favourite month though… I wonder why? (helloooo birthday!) To be honest, I’m not sure I achieved much of what I set out to do in July but I am determined to continue some of those things throughout August too with a few little extras.

POSITIVE ATTITUDE | Again with the positivity, I do need to start channeling this more. I realised in July that I needed to do this more and unfortunately I let it slide. It’s something I struggle with on a daily basis and although I find it so hard to stay positive sometimes, I really do need to try harder to see positive things even in bad situations.

SUMMER CLEAN | Ok, so I’m going to make this a thing. I had no time for Spring cleaning you know. I was busy growing and birthing a human ha! So yea, I did set out to declutter in July and I did actually manage some. I put out at least five bags worth of unwanted clothes and stuff for the recycling men, so I must have been doing something right, surely? But as I said before, I have a LOT of crap. So it’s time I started a little minimalism journey and decluttered my life and home. Stay tuned…

HAVE FUN | Last but not least, this month I intend to have more fun. Coinciding with my staying positive goal, I need to be enjoying myself a little more. I don’t take enough time to do what I enjoy, I’m always worrying about others and pleasing everyone else. Whether it be digging out my sewing machine or just spending the day in the park. Here’s to having more fun!

Stay tuned for a review of my goals at the end of the month 🙂 x


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