My Nappy Changing Essentials

Who’d have thought a year ago my life would now be ruled by poop? But that’s motherhood for you! It can be daunting knowing what to carry around with you to make sure you’re always prepared for any poop explosion that may be just around the corner. Keep reading for my top nappy changing essentials.

My Nappy Changing Essentials -

Wipes, wipes and more wipes! I totally underestimated just how much I would rely on these bad boys, and definitely how many I’d go through. You can never have too many packs and to be honest, I tend to keep a pack stashed away in every room – just in case!

Sudorem. Try to avoid any nappy rashes with a protective cream like Sudocrem. I always apply a generous layer around the areas where a nappy may cause irritation at every nappy change.

The all-important nappies. There really isn’t much point in a nappy change without a nappy right? We’ve tried a few different brands of nappies since our little man arrived but I’d definitely recommend Aldi’s Mamia range, Lidl’s Toujours range and Pampers.

Nappy sacks. It’s pretty scary just how many of these I seem to get through but to avoid any stinky situations they’re essential. You can buy two 100 bag packs from Poundland which are nice and strong as well as scented.

Hand sanitiser. When all of the changing is done, I always like to use a small amount of hand sanitiser to cleanse my hands before going about my daily activities. I LOVE this Soap and Glory handbag sized sanitiser which is perfect for the on-the-go nappy changes!

What are your nappy changing essentials?

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