My Perfect

Everyone has their own idea of perfect. Mine happens to be watching this little one do pretty much anything. Well, apart from cry that is. Yep, my idea of perfect is sitting here, with a cuppa in one hand, watching Archie interact with a toy, or just laying their smiling away. What would be even more perfect? Well if we were all sat here as a family just having some chill time. Mammy, daddy and Archie.

My Perfect -

Whatever your idea of perfect is, make sure you do it as regularly as possible. If spending time with your children makes you happy, then do it. If shopping makes you happy, then do it. At the end of the day we only live once and we’ll always remember those happy times rather than reflect on bad memories.

So eat the dessert, buy the shoes, laugh more, enjoy life and most importantly, never take the ones you love for granted.

What’s your idea of perfect?

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