National Read A Book Day

I don’t think there’s possibly anything that beats the importance of teaching your child the power of reading. Today is National Read A Book Day, so what better day to sit down with your child and read a book? Whether it’s a classic like our choice in Where’s Spot? Or a new one with their favourite character. Whatever your choice, take 10 minutes out of your schedule to make time to read.

National Read A Book Day -

WHAT’S THE IMPORTANCE? | Reading is key to your child’s development. It helps them to understand words and they love the repetition of hearing you read a story over and over.

WHY READ? | Books fit to your schedule. You can pick them up and pop them back down again at your leisure. They allow yours and your child’s mind to run wild, building an imagination that one day could go on to create amazing things.

National Read A Book Day -

DID YOU KNOW? | Reading actually changes the shape of your brain? A recent study studied brains before and after children had read. After 100 hours of reading, their brains had grown. Wow!

What’s your favourite book?

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