Nine Months In – Nine Months Out

Thinking back to my pregnancy, everyone was so quick to tell me that your body takes nine months to grow a baby so you should allow the same amount of time for it to recover from childbirth. Now that Archie is nine months old, I’d hoped that I would be happy with the way my body looks, but sadly I have a long way to go.

I’ve never been skinny or fit, always curvy with enough junk in the trunk for about 10 people. I have to say though, I don’t loathe my new body as much as I did even a matter of two months ago, which I suppose is an improvement on my self-love battle.

I have a mum-tum that I’d rather wasn’t there and stretch marks in places I didn’t even realised had expanded throughout pregnancy, but this body of mine did the most remarkable thing – it grew a human, so I can’t be too mad with the way it turned out can I?

I’ve gone from being a size 10 pre-pregnancy to a large size 14-16 pregnant belly to being back down to my original size in clothing, which I am very happy with (although this meant no excuse for a whole new wardrobe – damn!)

Nine Months In - Nine Months Out -

Loving yourself is all about feeling confident with the body you have. I may be 2 stone lighter than I was pre-pregnancy (how’d that happen?) but the way my body physically looks is what I’m struggling to cope with now – oh how I wish I could tell pre-pregnant me how great my body truly was, but I guess we live and learn.

Nine Months In - Nine Months Out -

Hopefully I’ll be writing a follow up post soon on the progress I’m making with my fitness journey and how my confidence has grown as a result. But mainly I want this to inspire all of you out there who feel the same way as I do about your body and to know that there is light at the end of that very dark tunnel – we will learn to love ourselves again. And no matter how big or small, skinny or curvy you are, we’re all beautiful to someone x

Nine Months In - Nine Months Out -

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