NutriBullet Baby Review

During my pregnancy I read up a lot on making my own purees when my little one was old enough to start solids. I was really passionate about getting good, wholesome, quality food into my baby’s diet. I’m also a big believer in getting your little one to try as many different foods as possible too in the hope that they won’t become fussy eaters in the future.

We absolutely love our large NutriBullet that we use for smoothies and shakes etc so my mam and dad bought us this mini baby one to try when little one came along. I’d never seen it before so I was super excited that they’d made one specially designed for weaning.

NutriBullet Baby Review -

It does exactly what it says on the box – a complete baby food making system. And it really does take any hassle out of making your own purees.

There’s lots included within the kit. You get a blender, freezer pots, two cups with handles, spatula, and really cute fridge storage pots.NutriBullet Baby Review -

I love the cute storage pots you get with this set. They’re perfect for storing batches of food in the fridge and their happy little faces are ideal pieces of entertainment for the little ones.

NutriBullet Baby Review -

They’re also insanely useful because you can turn the dial on the lid to line up with the date you made the food, taking the hassle out of remembering when they were made.

NutriBullet Baby Review -

If you need help with making purees then you can consult the handy cookbook which is included within the pack.

NutriBullet Baby Review -

What are your kids favourite purees?

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