Sensory Play With Jelly

The thing I love most about sensory play, is the fact that you can make entertainment for your little one from almost any household items, or foods. Today I thought we’d give some jelly a go and see what Archie makes of it.

Sensory Play With Jelly -

Jelly is so cheap to buy which makes it the perfect food to use for sensory play. I made it up following the instructions on the back and let it set in the fridge overnight.

Sensory Play With Jelly -

Once it was ready, I emptied it out onto Archie’s highchair so that he could feel it.

Sensory Play With Jelly -

I’m not entirely sure what he made of it judging by this expression, but it’s definitely something we will keep using for sensory play.

Next time I may try adding things into it that he needs to try and fish out of the jelly. I think this will make a great activity for us to do together.

Have you used jelly for play time with your little one?

Sensory Play With Jelly -

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